Automation System

I am currently working on a whole-home automation system to control everything from lighting, to HVAC to sprinklers. The software for this system is being built in C# and will support numerous different hardware platforms for control and sensor readings. The hardware currently consists of Raspberry Pis and Ardunios for the sensors and relays. Other hardware is various commercial products where required, X10, Z-Wave, etc.

Currently control for the following hardware/software is implemented or planned:

  • X10 – Plugs and Switches
  • Z-Wave – Plugs and Switches
  • Honeywell – Thermostats
  • Arduino – Low level GPIO control for relays and sensors
  • RasPi – Low level GPIO control for relays and sensors
  • Lutron – Smart Bridge Pro control for Switches (Their dimmers are the only ones I have found that support LEDs and do not require a neutral wire, important for some houses)
  • MPD (Music Player Daemon) – For control of music and other audio
  • Rainforest Automation Eagle – For energy monitoring, this device is capable of reading data from smart meters in real time.

The software will eventually support learning and should be able to map out locations and patterns of people to anticipate actions. When the software has reached a stable state I will be posting it here. I have not decided on a licence for it yet but it will be 100% free for personal/home use, business use I will be charging a licence fee. Open source is a possibility.