FTP Server Access


The FTP server allows access to all of the raw files that I have made available to end-users. Currently this totals about 50TB of the 60TB total files in my archive. Eventually, all of the files will be made available, but some need a bit more organizing first.

The following content is currently available via FTP:

  • Plex Media Content
  • Software Library
  • ROMs

To login to the FTP server, you will need an FTP client, and credentials.
For the client, I recommend WinSCP
Do not use FileZilla, as the creator has been known to distribute malware in the installer.
For credentials, contact me. You cannot access the FTP server anonymously and require a unique account which I will create upon request.

Logging in to FTP

The example uses WinSCP, if you use a different client you will need to figure it out for yourself
Fill in the following details:
Protocol: FTP
Encryption: Explicit TLS/SSL
Hostname: ftp.kcshome.net
Port: 821
Username: your username
Password: your password

Once logged in, you can browse around and download files as you wish.