S56CA & S56CM Windows 7 Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 on the S56CA or S56CM laptop series’s from asus, follow the following instructions:


  1. Download Driver Package: MediaFire (recommended) Direct Link
  2. Completely backup your system
  3. Create a windows 7 bootable USB drive or disk (Note that a USB drive will be significantly faster).
  4. Enter BIOS by either pressing F2, F10, or Delete, depending on the laptop model during the POST screen (If you are not sure you can just press all of them and one of them will work).
  5. Disable Secure Boot, Enable CSM Mode, and disable Fast Boot
  6. Change the boot order to boot from your USB drive first.
  7. Press F10 and save changes, once it reboots, the windows 7 installation should load.
  8. Proceed with a custom installation of windows 7.
  9. At the drive selection, DO NOT REMOVE ANY PARTITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH THE 24GB CACHING SSD, You should see two partitions on it, usually disk 0, and 4 or more partitions on the HDD, usually disk 1.
  10. Delete all partitions that are present on the hard drive, if you like you can keep the factory restore partitions but it is unnessesary
  11. Create a new partition using the unallocated space, make it the maximum size unless you know what you are doing and you want separate partitions.
  12. Windows will create a system partition that is 100-300mb, just ignore it, select the partition that you just created and press next.
  13. Windows will take a bit to install, after windows reboots the first time you will need to switch the boot device back to the HDD first, otherwise it will just reboot back into windows setup.
  14. Once windows is finished installing and you are on the desktop, you will need to install the drivers.
  15. The order isn’t really important, to avoid issues you should install the Intel graphics driver before the Nvidia one, but it will usually work either way.
  16. Once all the drivers are installed including Intel RST you are done.
  17. There you go, you now have a OS that doesn’t suck.


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